In 1968, New York City became one major landfill as county sanitation staff went on a 9-day strike. Streets were littered with piles of uncollected garbage in what later became known as the “Great Garbage Strike of 1968.


Waste management is a huge problem in many cities all over the world today, and a visit to any landfill is a clear indication of that. This problem however, originates on a much smaller scale in our homes as a result of normal every day life. We all have a responsibility to reduce the amount of trash we introduce into the environment and these simple hacks will show you how.


The 3 R’s


You’ve heard this all before. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These environmental “buzzwords” are the basic foundations of waste management and trash removal. You don’t need to buy that cute shirt in every color or toss out the coffee can just because it’s empty.


Plan your meals


A meal plan not only saves you a good chunk of change, it also saves time at the grocery store and on cooking time at home. It also reduces food spoilage as you will only store what you plan to use. Gone are the days of curdled milk and rancid cheese in your refrigerator.


Signups and Subscriptions


Junk mail is the absolute worst! Tons of promotional materials on all manner of products and services hit our mailboxes daily. Those beautiful flyers and carefully worded letters will eventually end up in the trash. Cancelling unnecessary subscriptions or opting for email delivery instead of paper, will help reduce the amount of trash that accumulates in your home.



So you find that you haven’t exactly been the poster child for a minimalist lifestyle and your home is cluttered with all sorts of junk. Where do you begin? The most stress-free way to handle bulk trash removal is to hire a Trash Pickup Service company near you. T’s Junk in Fayetteville is one such service. They offer quick and convenient services at an affordable rate that will make trash removal from your home a breeze.


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