When it comes to home improvement, few things give greater satisfaction than a renovation project. The idea of breathing new life into your existing space. Keeping what works and improving what doesn’t is enough to get your creative juices going.

Naturally, renovation or remodel projects will produce a considerable amount of waste and debris. Not to mention the unwanted items like old tiles or used furniture that you will be replacing with new ones. Many of these items will be too big to fit into your regular trash bin and may not be collected by your local trash collection service.  So what do you do?

Up cycle

This is perhaps the eco-friendliest option. Rather than sending your things to a dump near you, find new ways to use old furniture and fittings either in your existing project or save them for future projects. There are scores of innovative ideas on home improvement websites and blogs that show you how to re-purpose old materials in nifty new ways.


Rather than tossing items at a dump near you, donate your used building material and fixtures to several organizations like Habitat for Humanity. They are always looking for economical ways to provide low-cost housing materials to those in need. They accept anything from appliances, doors, door knobs, light fixtures and sinks.  You may also donate items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army Store.  A remodel that comes with the added advantage of helping others? Where do I sign?


For those items that are too damaged to donate or benefit any up cycle project, a trip to a dump near you may well be in order. Rather than stress over the logistics of transporting them, Use a Trash Removal Company like T’s Junk in Fayetteville. It has a good reputation for offering prompt service at the best prices in the market.  T’s Junk is locally owned and operated with great Google and Yelp ratings so you can be sure of personalized service.