Valentines has come and gone and maybe instead of love, you found yourself with a break up. The ending of a serious romantic relationship is often a difficult experience. The process may remain painful. Whether the decision to end things may have been mutual, amicable or not. Or contentious enough to make you want to chuck your ex’s things at a trash dump near you. If you find yourself in this predicament here’s a quick guide on what to do.

Eat the Frog

This simply means that you should do the most difficult or time-consuming tasks first. When completed, you will be motivated to finish other tasks because they will be easy. Items that hold sentimental value are often the most difficult to let go of. Divide these based on who purchased them and whether they are willing to let the other party have them.

Divide and Conquer

Create a list of all your items. Separating the ones that both of you care about from the ones that you don’t care if you keep or lose them. This saves time and acts as a point of reference in case one party disputes the taking of an item by another party. Use the list to de-clutter as it has the things you most care about. Anything else call T’s Junk Removal to haul to a trash dump near you.

Let Go

Your break up could offer you a chance at a new life with endless possibilities. Holding on to mementos from the past can interfere with emotional healing and growth. Letting your ex take most of your shared items or having them hauled to a trash dump near you dump near you. Could be just what you need to jump-start your new beginning. While we know this may be a difficult time T’s Junk Removal’s personalized service can help. By offering prompt service to haul that junk in one go. We’re willing go above and beyond our duties to ensure that you don’t have to have those items any longer than you need to. Call us today.