An offense that many counties are fast cracking down on is midnight dumping. Also known as illegal dumping. Dumping violations typically include leaving piles of trash in places not designated for trash disposal such as backyards, front lawns, street curbs and other places. The city of Fayetteville’s code-enforcement division implements the county’s waste disposal ordinances. By among other things, patrolling, investigating complaints and prosecuting code violating offenders.  In addition in the January 20th edition  of The  There’s an article that that talks about how the city council members are pushing for more enforcement sweeps. The fines for these offenses can ran thousands of dollars. For example, if you haul an improperly secured load to a Fayetteville dump you can land a fine of $2,000.  Don’t get caught with junk in your yard. Other reasons why midnight dumping is bad include:



Piles of uncollected junk often become harbors for vermin such as rodents that use them as nests or places to forage for food. Also pools of stagnant water can collect around dumped trash when it rains, attracting mosquitoes. Appliances such as refrigerators, older model vehicles, and older air conditioning units.Must be properly disposed of in a Fayetteville dump as they contain chloro-fluoro-carbon which scientists have linked to depletion of the Ozone Layer. T’s Junk removal can easily solve this problem.  Because we have the proper tools, equipment and experience to collect and properly dispose these items.



Imagine going to show a new home you’re interested in selling or renting only to be greeted by mounds of uncollected trash left on the curb. Not only is midnight dumping an embarrassing eyesore, it may affect the property value of a neighborhood. Making it harder to sell or lease a property in the area. If you’re a landlord or realtor in Fayetteville, Falcon, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Cameron or Linden and have a property that has some junk on it. Give T’s Junk removal a call today and let us handle that headache. T’s prides itself on offering 5 star services at an affordable rate.


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